Announcing Private Study Sessions

Over the past few weeks we have monitored comments from around the web related to Hoot.Me to see how people are reacting to the Hoot App.  One of the things we are most excited about is the tremendous response we have received from teachers.  Several teachers made requests for the ability to hold private study sessions with their class.  Today, we are answering.

Private study sessions are designed for both students and teachers to create sessions that don’t show up in the public news feed.  This means that these sessions are only accessible by those invited.  We also acknowledged the fact that many teachers are not friends with their students, so they don’t want to invite their students through Facebook.  This is why we created sharable links inside private study sessions.  Now teachers can simply share the link with their students to give them access to the private room!  This makes virtual office hours and teacher driven collaboration possible!

First, simply create a study session by typing in what you are working on.  Second, click the private button and share the session.

Third, copy the link in the session to send over email, BlackBoard…etc.  If you want to invite people through Facebook, you can always use the regular invite option in the upper right hand corner as well.  Only the people with whom you’ve shared the link or invited through the Facebook invite button can see the link.  Let us know your thoughts @thehootme!